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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts - Renaissance Studies

Preparation for the major. History 4A-B or Art History 6A-B or Religious Studies 80A-B. A reading knowledge of Latin and a modern European language will be necessary for those who plan to continue their studies on the graduate level. However, it is not required for the major. Recommended:

Classics 37, 38
English 116 A-B
French 50AX
Music 12.

Upper-division major. Forty upper-division units are required from the following list, with at least 8 units from at least three departments. The selection of courses is also to form a coherent program to be approved by a member of the advisory committee. Courses other than those listed below, with appropriate focus and content, may be petitioned to apply with the approval of the program chair:

Art History 107A-B, 109A-B-C-D-E-G, 111B-E-F, 113A-B-D-F, 141D, 184B, 184C
Classics: A maximum of 12 upper-division units to be chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor
Dramatic Art 160B
English 101, 105A-B, 144, 157, 162, 165
French 106A, 140B, 141, 145X, 146X/Comp.Lit.107
History 106A-B, 114C, 121A-B-C-M-P-Q, 122A-B-P, 140A-B-P, 145B, 153, 155A, 156A
Italian 102, 114X, 124X
Music 102, 112AB, 180
Portuguese 105B
Religious Studies 127C
Renaissance Studies 100, 199
Spanish 110B, 123A, 131, 132, 137A-B, 140A-B, 142A-B

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