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Renaissance Studies Courses

Upper Division

100. Studies in Renaissance Civilization - (4) - Staff May be repeated for credit with consent of program chair. - An introduction to the interdisciplinary study of Renaissance civilization. Specific topics vary from year to year and may include such subjects as Medici Florence, fifteenth-century Burgundy, Renaissance neoplatonism, Renaissance humanism, or Renaissance petrarchism.

199. Independent Studies in the Renaissance - (1-5) Staff - Prerequisites: upper-division standing; completion of two upper-division courses in renaissance studies. - Students must have a minimum 3.0 grade-point average for the preceding three quarters and are limited to 5 units per quarter and 30 units total in all 98/99/198/199/199AA-ZZ courses combined. Not more than 12 units total of Renaissance Studies 199 may be taken. - Study or research under the guidance of a member of the advisory committee for seniors of high scholastic standing. Students wishing to enroll should prepare a short plan of study for their coursework.

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